RWL Tech, LLC introduces SMART Learning for Business Success, a step-by-step process that will protect the future viability of your company by embedding learning into the daily fabric of your organization.


With the shortage of well-qualified talent becoming more and more acute, your CULTURE OF LEARNING reduces employee churn because continual learning fosters engagement, job satisfaction and advancement. SMART Learning for Business Success creates a robust learning ecosystem that is easy to access, easy to use, and unique to each learner.

What is a Culture of Learning?

A culture of learning is where employees are actively learning on the job as they go about their daily routine. Learning is no longer separate from the workplace; it is embedded into the fabric of what they do every day.

Why is it important?

A culture of learning will accelerate employees' mastery of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to make your company more competitive. It is the best way to develop employee knowledge, skills, and attitudes that you need today and in the future to be competitive.

How we do it

Based on industry best practices, we evaluate your learning ECOSYSTEM to determine how to use learning resources more effectively and then create a plan to fill the gaps with additional learning programs and resources deemed appropriate to achieve your goals.


Performance Solution Specialist

Cheryl Johnson has more than twenty years of experience in coaching, learning, development, and workplace training performance. With her pioneering attitude, Cheryl has made strong contributions in the areas of learning with an emphasis on behavioral change. Cheryl has been recognized as a leader in the architecture and design of interactive multimedia learning systems and strategies. She is also published by well-known educational psychologist, Michael Allen in his 2012 e-Learning Annual. Cheryl has dedicated her life to developing learning solutions that drive performance at work and in one's personal life.